Buying Used Car Parts

Replacing car parts can be expensive and sometimes, what you need does not really have to be the highest end of parts. There are times when replacing an old broken part with a used but functioning one is good enough. To make sure you are getting your money’s worth when it comes to buying secondhand auto parts like used engines, consider these tips:


Determine Whether Used Car Parts Are for You

Other than the significantly lower price, there are other reasons why car owners prefer buying used car parts over new ones. One of these is when they are restoring classic cars with parts that are no longer manufactured. You can try checking swap meets in your area to find the piece you need. If you can’t find it near your area, looking for a reputable online auto parts store in Australia is your best option. Sourcing it internationally may end up costing more, and you’ll have to deal with expensive shipping.


Research About the Part You Need

It’s important to know every detail about the part you are looking for. A quick search will show you its name, part number, or vehicle identification number that can help the dealer identify the exact piece you need. Knowledge of how the part looks and functions when brand new can also help you assess the quality of secondhand parts.


Be a Smart Buyer

If you’ve decided that used car parts are the way to go, we recommend doing some research to ensure that you won’t waste time, effort, and money. If you are buying your piece at an auto parts store, it’s important to ask the seller if the part is covered by a warranty. Established sellers often test secondhand auto parts and used engines and offer a limited warranty for each. We also recommend checking for prices online before going to the actual store. After all, the point of buying used car parts is to save money. You can also compare prices from other dealers to help you estimate a fair price for the part.

A swap meet is a great place to look for the part that you need. This refers to a gathering of people who bring parts they don’t need to sell or trade off. Since this is often hosted for classic cars, you can meet with people who know everything about your vehicle, making your search easier. Parts at swap meets are often cheaper than those in other places and chances are, there is more than one person offering the part you need. The only drawback of a swap meet is that there is no return policy.


Only Buy From Reputable Vendors

An established vendor can provide you with excellent customer service and quality products at reasonable prices. Some vendors can overcharge buyers, especially if they seem uninformed. Turning to a trustworthy auto parts store like Planet Parts can help ensure that you are making the most of your investment.

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