Tips to Show Your Car Some Love

Date Posted:21 June 2018 

Having a car is cool. You can go anywhere you want, whenever you want, without the hassles of public transportation. You can take people with you or carry heavy loads, as long as they fit and you get to save time getting from one place to another.


Having a car is an investment --it should work for you properly, otherwise, it would only be a waste of good money. Follow these tips to keep your car at its best.


Read your car’s manufacturer’s manual. Regardless of the depth of your knowledge about how a car works, it’s important that you know more than just driving. An owner’s manual provides all information you need about your car, particularly instructions specific to your car model, when to do them, and what you need to do them. You may also refer to the manual for the specs of spare parts so you can cross-check with your auto parts store, in case of replacement and upgrade. Paying attention to the manual will keep you from making uneducated decisions related to your car and will save you time, effort and money.


Do regular preventive maintenance. Repairs and parts replacement can be expensive, as compared to basic maintenance when you look at it from a long-term perspective. A well-maintained car tends to have fewer problems even after years of being constantly used. Learn basic inspection and how to interpret light indicators, check your fluids, replace worn out parts, change air filters, balance the wheels and check their alignment. It may seem to be an endless list, but you may easily be reminded when you check your car at least once or twice a month. To make sure when to do particular maintenance tasks such as oil change, consult your manual.


Upgrade performance parts. While most people own cars basically for transportation purposes, it is pretty nice to have a car that performs exceptionally. Consider upgrading parts for better car performance, especially when your budget allows it. Upgrades to performance parts don’t just make your car look and sound cool, they make your drive safer and more comfortable, and your car more efficient. The most common parts to upgrade include car brake parts, mufflers, belts, and suspension. Consult your manual, do some research, and ask trusted car parts suppliers for the upgrades suited for your car.


Put some effort in detailing. Getting your car detailed do not only guarantee that your car looks nice, but it also helps in keeping it in good condition, maintaining and restoring the value of your car. As compared to the good ol’ car wash, detailing provides thorough cleaning with additional protection for both your car exterior parts and interior works, and you can also do it yourself. Go get some clay bar and wax for the paint job. Clean and condition the seats’ leatherwork. Throw in some nice car air fresheners. Some detailing jobs though may need professionals, like getting some window tint. Your car will thank you for it.


Use quality oil and fluids. There are a lot of different fluids that your car needs and they all are important for your car to function properly. There are also different types of each fluid to keep your car well lubricated and in the right temperature. You have to consult your manual to get the specific type suited for your car and make sure you stick to those only. Refrain from getting the cheaper fluids to avoid the risk of poor performance that may eventually lead to damage. Check the labels of products before buying to make sure you get the appropriate fluid. In case of an oil change, for example, make sure you use the recommended viscosity and consider the temperature of the season.


Proper car maintenance will reap you many long-term benefits. Overall, it extends your car’s life service, improves performance and fuel economy, and increases your safety. Along with proper maintenance, high-quality performance and service parts contribute to these benefits.


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