The 7 Essential Auto Parts Every Driver Should Know

Date Posted:26 March 2018 

It’s undeniable that your car plays an important role in your daily life. Whether it’s just a short trip to do errands around town or a long ride to work, it allows you to maximise your productivity while enjoying utmost convenience. For this reason, you should give the proper care it deserves to make the most of its potential. This means performing routine inspections and tune-ups even when it’s in sound condition. In turn, you avoid costly repairs and risky breakdowns.


A great way to keep track of its health is to pay attention to the vital car engine performance parts. No matter how small or big they are, all of them work together to achieve optimal performance and fuel economy. Below are some that you should keep an eye on:

1. Spark Plugs.


These small devices absorb high-voltage electricity at one end and produce a spark at the other end. They ignite the air and gas mixture, leading to a combustion that starts your car. Given their critical job, it’s recommended to have them inspected approximately every 30,000 miles, even if you have extended-life spark plugs.

2. Exhaust Pipes.

For your car to function, air and fuel must be burned in the combustion chamber, which leaves behind harmful gases like carbon monoxide. The pipes are responsible for removing exhaust from the manifold to the tailpipe, making sure the car is safe for you and your passengers.

3. Oil Pumps.

These are designed to supply a running engine with adequate oil, thus minimising wear and friction. Furthermore, they prevent overheating and corrosion. If the “low oil pressure” and “check engine” warning lights show up on your dashboard, the problem may lie on the oil pumps. Clanking noises are also a red flag.

4. Shock Absorbers.

Their names can be misleading, as they don’t literally absorb shock. Instead, they reduce and slow down the vibrations of vehicle springs to compensate uneven road surfaces. This improves engine performance and speed. If you feel vibrations through the steering wheel or if you notice longer stopping distance, it’s a sign that your shock absorbers have worn out and should be attended to immediately.

5. Brake Pads.

These parts put pressure and friction on your car’s brake rotors to slow and stop the wheel. While their role is quite simple, they actually go through severe stress every time you slow down. Car brake pads need replacement after about 50,000 miles, but their service life will still depend on the materials and your driving habits.

6. Gasket.

This is a crucial component sealed between the engine block and cylinder head. It ensures maximum compression while preventing leakage between these two engine parts. However, it can be blown by overheating. This happens when there’s a sudden rise in the cooling system before the engine warms up.

7. Camshafts.

While these parts don’t fail often, they can sustain damage if there’s insufficient oil pressure. Their purpose is to open and close your engine’s valves, bringing in fuel and air while expelling exhaust gas. If they need to be changed, it’s likely that there’s something wrong with your engine.


These are just some of the many components that ensure peak efficiency and safety for your car. If any of them starts to malfunction, address them immediately to avoid further damage. For the best results, always get your spare parts from a trusted auto parts store.



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