The Role of Performance Parts in Your Car's Efficiency

Date Posted:26 April 2018 

The concept of cars is quite straightforward – start the ignition, rev the engine, and turn the wheels to pull you down the road. However, it actually takes a lot of auto engine parts to keep them running smoothly in the long run. That said, it’s important to understand how each of them works so you can catch problems early and maintain your car’s peak performance.

While the latest vehicles today come with more complicated components, they all share the same backbone, regardless of the brand. Here are some of the parts that affect your car’s efficiency:


  • Engine. This is considered the heart of the car. It converts heat from burning gas into an energy to move the car. Most people only think about it when it begins producing noise or if it didn’t start at all. To prevent costly breakdowns, have your engine inspected regularly.

  • Chassis. This serves as the skeleton of the vehicle which supports various components such as the tyres, brakes, engine, and more. Along with other car suspension parts, it keeps your car rigid by absorbing road impacts and shocks with minimal vibration. It is usually made of durable materials like light steel and aluminum.

  • Oil Filters. Too much dirt and abrasive particles can greatly impair the engine’s performance, which is why oil filters are made. They clean the oil and block out unwanted debris to protect the parts inside the engine from damage. For this reason, it’s necessary to choose high-quality filters to boost your car’s efficiency.

  • Brakes. Car brake parts are the most vital safety feature you should pay attention to. They slow your vehicle to a stop to prevent the risks of accidents. Regardless if you have a manual or sensor braking system, it’s imperative to inspect it with each oil change or about every 10,000 km.

  • Transmission. Also known as the gearbox, it carries the engine’s power to the wheels. You can shift from one ratio to another to control the speed of your vehicle. It comes in two types: manual and automatic.

  • Exhaust System. While this is mainly designed for noise reduction, it also reduces harmful emissions that can pose health risks. It expels contaminants away from the vehicle so it won’t enter the passenger compartment. You can upgrade this component to let your engine exhale easier and become more efficient. If you have a poor exhaust system, it’s most likely that you will be getting poor fuel economy.

Having a clear picture of how your car functions is one of the keys to maximising its potential. By keeping these essential parts in the best condition, you can enjoy a safer and smoother driving experience through the years.

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